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          Here at the Hidden Falls Cattle Ranch , we pride ourselves on raising the best beef that is available in the market today. Our
Black Angus has consistent tender beef with great taste that will leave no doubt in your mind how good it is, and that it is truly the best.

         We sell our Black Angus beef two ways. One is by the head, sometimes called 'on foot' which means the beef is selected in the pasture for someone's own processing, or to strengthen their herd. The second way, is to purchase a half of beef, or whole beef, priced by the pound, processed and packaged to the clients specifications. When you choose our beef, it comes to you ready to put in your freezer.

          Our Black Angus cattle are raised on good healthy grass, natural grain, and fresh water, throughout the entire year. At the Ranch, we do not give the cattle any preservatives or hormones, at any time. When the calves chosen for beef, are approximately eighteen months old, they are separated from the herd, and fed one of two diets, depending on your order choice specifications. One is a generous diet of grass, hay, and all natural corn and grain, and the other is an all grass – fed diet. The calves are fed 90 days on the chosen diet.

         Our beef prices are considered very competitive. The cost of the beef, packaged and ready for the freezer, is $3.75 per pound calculated using the hanging weight. The average cost of the whole beef depends on the weight of the specific animal you are purchasing. An example for one whole beef weighing in at 452 pounds hanging weight, would cost $1695.00, and for one – half beef, the cost would be $847.50. There is a $200.00 deposit required at the time you place your order.

         We believe you will enjoy your experience and will be glad you chose to order our Black Angus beef.
We look forward to hearing from you.
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